V-Rock Single Lead

"The sound of hard rock guitar was defined in the 1980s by highly-modified Marshallâ„¢ amps. The V-Rockâ„¢ was designed to faithfully replicate the guitar tones of the 80s from such tones as Sykes, Lynch, DiMartini, EVH as well as many other legendary players! Effortless pinch harmonics (ala Zakk), endless liquid like sustain, deep / rich bottom end & 100% pure tone! This is a Jose Arredondo inspired amp and is 100% pure hot-rodded tone at it's finest!"


  • Hand crafted, built & assembled in the USA
  • 100% hand wired (no printed circuit boards)
  • Mercury Magnetics Custom Transformers
  • 1-Channel Design
  • Preamp Tubes: 3=12AX7's
  • Power Tube: EL34 Svetlana (other power tube options are available)
  • Custom options! Tolex & Grill Cloth


  • Gain (preamp)
  • Master Volume
  • EQ: Bass, Mids, Treble & Presence
  • 1/4" Heavy Duty Input Jack
  • Indicator light


  • Speaker Outputs: 2 - Heavy duty 1/4" jacks
  • 4, 8 & 16 ohm impedance selector
  • Mains & HT Fuse Holders
  • Detachable 3-prong power cord (IEC connector)


  • All components and parts are chosen for tone, feel and long term reliability
  • Customer Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • V50/50 8FT IEC Power Cable
  • Teflon wire - Aerospace grade
  • Aluminum Chassis with welded corners
  • Rugged Handle
  • Warranty


  • L = 8.25"
  • W = 29"
  • H = 10.75"
  • H = w/Feet = 11.75"


  • SERIES FX-LOOPS 3 to choose from!
  • "ROCK / BRUTAL MOD" (280,- EUR)
    • As used by Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake
    • Rock Mode = 3 gain-stages (stock V-Rock)
    • Brutal Mode = 4 gain-stages (High Gain V-Rock)
    • "Boost" switch - Gain boost for Brutal Mode
    • Note - "Boost" switch functions in Brutal Mode only
    • As used by Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake
    • Additional "Solo" Master Volume is added
    • Footswitchable (1/4 mono jack)
    • Instantaneous footswitching
    • No pauses or excessive popping
    • Solo Master has smooth / even taper
    • Rugged Metal Footswitch is included
    • Amp retains same tone
    Model Price
    V-Rock 100 W 2,950,- EUR
    Voodoo Amps

    As used by:

    Doug Aldrich
    Tolex Options
    Grill Cloth Options

    Speaker Options:

    Customer Feedback

    "The gain created naturally by this amp is very warm and tight. The amps sustain and harmonic content are truly something to behold. You can go from a mellow bluesy mildly distorted sound all the way to the higher gain sounds." - Jason Rowland, God Size Hate

    "This amp is everything i dreamed it would be and i'm completely overwhelmed with the quality of every detail in the sound, construction and not to mention the best customer service ever! I have a photo shoot with the amp set for this weekend and I'll get the pics to you asap. thanks for making a dream come true!' - Jamie Long, Dying To Bleed

    "There is nothing else on the market that even comes close. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for, good old fashion American made quality." - Mike Pfennig, PA